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Personal Coaching


I work with individuals, teams, diverse relationships and conduct coaching workshops, presentations and discussions.

Personal Coaching

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Goal Achievement

Career changes. Saving money. Moving across the country - or to a new one. I help you move closer to achieving those goals that have seemed out of reach.


Relationship Growth

Entering a marriage. Sorting through family challenges. Facing challenges with a boss. I guide my clients to better understand the complexities of relationships and how to navigate them successfully.


Grief & Loss

Sudden or expected, losing a loved one or going through a challenging life change can be difficult to face alone. I work with clients who are facing loss, death and grief to help them find the light after the tunnel.

professional coaching

Professional Coaching



 With our lives closely tied to our careers and feelings of success, I help exmployees and executives live up to their full potential both professionally and personally. Additionally, I coach teams to build stronger rapport that result in better work environments and goal achievement.



Being your own boss. Growing your business from an idea to reality. I help keep you on track, focused and always believing in yourself.



Your work as an artist is both personal and emotional to you and the person viewing it or hiring you. I support artists to help their creative voice be heard. ​

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